Offerte Speciali

Welcome to Villa Paola!

To follow there is one list of island places (divided by commons), that you can visit during the holiday to Ischia.

  • Castello AragoneseIschia: Castle Aragonese, Museum of Sea, Tower of Guevara (called of Michelangelo).
    Beachs: Beach of Pescatori, Cartaromana, Beach of Inglesi, Beach of Lido, Little Beach of San Pancrazio accessible only by sea.

  • Casamicciola: SPA Castiglione, Geophysical Observatory, Rotaro Mountain with Cretaio crater.
    Beach: Marina.

  • Forio: Giardini PoseidonThe Colombaia by Lucchino Visconti, Ravino Gardens, The Mortella Gardens, Torrione, Basilica of San Vito, Church of Soccorso (Santa Maria della Neve), Bay of Sorgeto, SPA Poseidon.
    Beachs: Citara, Cava dell'Isola (more adapt to young), San Francesco, Sorgeto, Chiaia.

  • Lacco Ameno: Excavations of Santa Restituta, Archaeological Museum Pithecusae inside Villa Arbusto, SPA Negombo.To see also the characteristic "Fungo of Lacco Ameno", a rock shaped like a mushroom thet is the common symbol.
    Beach: San Montano.

  • Serrara Fontana: Tower of Sant'Angelo.
    Sant'Angelo Beachs: Quarry Ruffano, Quarry Grado and the beach along the isthmus of Sant'Angelo.

  • Barano:Source of Nitrodi, Ancient Roman SPA of Quarry Scura, pinewood of Fiaiano, San Pancrazio and Piano Liguori.
    Beachs: Maronti and Quarry Scura.